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IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, Busan, Korea, 16-22 October 2012

Held every two years and organised by the International Water Association (IWA), the congress & exhibition attracts 5,000 water professionals from companies and institutions around the world.


  • Science and application of water treatment and management
  • Water, climate, food and energy
  • Cities of the future
  • Managing utilities and their assets
  • Securing new and traditional water resources for the future
  • Water, ecosystems and catchments
  • Water and health – microbiological and chemical

In Busan, IWA will organise a ‘Development Corner’, a dedicated space at the Congress to learn about water and sanitation issues and challenges in the developing world and how they are being actively addressed.


  • Proposals for platform and presentations, workshops and discussions: 1 September 2011
  • Submission of full papers: 31 May 2012
  • Presenters registration: 30 June 2012

Web site:


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3rd Ghana Water Forum, [venue to be confirmed], 6-8 September 2011

Ghana Water Forum web site

Theme: Water and Sanitation Services Delivery in a Rapidly Changing Urban Environment

The Ghana Water Forum is an annual water & sanitation sector review and learning event for all sector stakeholders.


  • Achieving the Water and Sanitation MDGs
  • Rapid Urbanization and the lag in service delivery
  • Development and Management of Urban Water Resources
  • Dealing with Long term uncertainties and Global Change Pressures
  • Sanitation and Wastewater Use
  • Economic Regulation and Innovative Financing
  • Governance, Policy and Management
  • Knowledge and Capacity Development
  • Service Delivery Approach
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Rural-Urban Interface and Challenges

Side events:

  • Ministerial and Development Partners Roundtable
  • Business Roundtable
  • Youth and Children’s Forum
  • Exhibition

Deadline for submission of papers: 04 July 2011

Deadline for submission of PowerPoint presentations: 18 August 2011

For more information and registration details go to the Ghana Water Forum web site

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IVth World Aqua Congress, New Delhi, India, 08-10 December 2010

Conference logo

Organised by: Aqua Foundation

Main theme: Emerging Technologies in the Water Sector- Present Status and Need for the Future


  • Water Resource Development, Management & Quality
  • Sustainable Development in Urban Areas
  • Sustainable Development in Rural Areas
    • Drinking water for rural sector- meeting the demand
    • Reviving the conventional systems
    • Multiple use of water resources
    • Water safety planning
    • Sustainability of water systems
  • Irrigation Technologies
  • Water Resources, Climate Change & Energy Scenario
  • Managing Water Infrastructure
  • Water & Health
  • Green Innovations
  • Future Plans for Sustainable Water Solutions
  • Institutional, Policy & Legal Issues

Abstract deadline: 15 September

Conference web site:

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Water Crisis and Choices: ADB and Partners Conference 2010, Manila, Philippines, 11-15 October 2010

Conference banner
Organised by: Asian Development Bank (ADB)

This conference brings together over 40 ADB partner organisations, 80 panellists and 500 water decision makers to raise awareness of water issues and solutions in Asia and Pacific region. ADB will present its Water Operational Framework 2011-2020.

Conference themes:

Cities and Water: Solutions for Efficiency

  • From Loss to Profit: Structural Transformation via Reduced NRW
  • Cleaning Utility Balance Sheets: Attracting Investments
  • Energy in Water: The Case for a Smaller Footprint

Water in Food: Productivity Gains

  • Less Water, More Food: Solutions for Enhanced Productivity
  • Technologies in Irrigated Agriculture: Costs and Benefits
  • Small-Scale Irrigation: Is this the Future?

Clean Water: A Question of Quality

  • Legislating Clean Water: Getting the Laws to Work Better
  • Water Reuse: Scale, Technology, and Prospects
  • Clean Up Costs: Expanding Investments

Basin Level Management: A Scorecard for Asia

  • Basin Planning and Management: An Asian Scorecard
  • Adapting to Climate Change: Risks and Resilience
  • Accessing Available Freshwater: Expanded Capture and Storage

Conference web site:

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IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition, Montréal, Canada, 19–24 September 2010

Organised by: International Water Association (IWA), Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) and Canadian Association on Water Quality (CAWQ)

Principal sponsors: ITT Corporation, Suez Environnement, Veolia Water

IWA is expecting 3,000 delegates and 1,500 trade visitors to attend their biennial event.

Key topics:

  • Science and application of water management
  • Water, climate and energy
  • Cities of the future
  • Managing utilities and their assets
  • Securing new and traditional water resources for the future
  • Water, ecosystems and catchments
  • Water and health
  • Water and wastewater in developing countries.

For more information go to Congress website

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Urban Rainwater Harvesting, Anil Agarwal Green Centre, India, 03-07 November 2009

Advanced course for working professionals

This course is open to civil engineers, architects, urban planners, environment consultants, municipal water managers, policy makers, government officials and NGOs interested in learning more about the theory, practice and policies of urban water harvesting.

The programme allows you to gain knowledge, acquire holistic perspectives and get hands-on practice in planning and designing urban water harvesting systems . It will help you to solve real-life water problems of today and give you the unique chance to meet and interact with experts and professional in the field of rainwater harvesting.

Course fee: Rs.8,800

Registration deadline: 26 October 2009

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Global CityWater Futures Summit: Learning Alliances for Change, Delft, The Netherlands, 7-10 October 2009

Organised by:  SWITCH project

The Summit will bring together over 50 science experts from around the world with practitioners from cities in Africa, Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East as well as donor groups and international organisations to join forces in accelerating change toward a more sustainable water City of the Future.


7  October – Global and Local Initiatives
Keynote presentations by leaders of global and local inititiatives that are making an impact toward more sustainable urban water management.

8 October – Exchanging Knowledge and Experiences
Interactive workshops around the topics of strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, system transitioning and decision making as well as an innovation marketplace of intiatives and new technologies.

9 October – Preparing for a Sustainable Future
Use of case studies and interactive workshops to help cities chart their strategic path to a more sustainable future.

10 October – Visiting Projects That are Making a Difference
A visit to sites in Rotterdam and Culemborg where the ideas of sustainable urban water management are being put into practice.

Conference web site

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