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2nd International Conference for Eau-Afrique: Water and Sustainable development in Africa, Libreville, Gabon, 14-16 Dec 2009

The 2nd International Conference of Eau-Afrique (Africa Water), entitled: Water and Sustainable development in Africa – Water and Rural Modernization: Case of Bateva in Gabon is organized in partnership with Eau-Afrique, the Health and Water African Foundation (HWAF), the Department of Geography of the University of Quebec in Montreal, the Centre INRS-ETE of the University of Quebec, the South-Atlantic Institute for High Sciences of Development of Gabon.

The main objective of the conference is to create awareness among all organizations working in the Water Sector on the importance of developing and implementing new approaches of intervention and collaboration, focusing on sustainable development in rural, semi-urban and urban areas.

Themes include:

  • water governance and institutional aspects, right to water
  • water availability, hygiene, water-borne diseases and the MDGs
  • integrated water resources management in Africa
  • water infrastructure (water supply, hydroelectricity, inter-basin water transfer, irrigation, waste water treatment).
  • climate change
  • education, capacity-building, transfer of knowledge
  • influencing government water policy
  • gender
  • science and technology in the water sector
  • case studies, including water and rural development of Bateva in Gabon

Abstract deadline: 29 May 2009

For more information go to the Eau Afrique web site


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