6th World Water Forum – Time for Solutions, Marseilles, France, 12-17 March 2012

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Organised by: World Water Council

Held every three years, the World Water Forum is billed as the world’s largest water event. The 6th edition of the Forum expects to attract 25,000 participants from over 180 countries, including 140 ministerial delegations and 800 speakers.

The Forum will be guided by 12 Priorities for Action and 3 Conditions for Success, translated into common and measurable goals.

12 priorities for action

Ensure Everyone’s Well-Being
1.1 Guarantee access to water for all and the Right to Water
1.2 Improve access to integrated sanitation services for all
1.3 Contribute to hygiene and health through water and sanitation
1.4 Prevent and respond to water-related risks and crises
1.5 Contribute to cooperation and peace through water

Contribute to Economic Development
2.1 Balance multiple uses through IWRM – Integrated Water Resource Management
2.2 Contribute to food security by the optimal use of water
2.3 Harmonise water and energy
2.4 Promote Green Growth and value ecosystem services

Keep the Planet Blue
3.1 Improve the quality of water resources and ecosystems
3.2 Adjust pressures and footprints of human activities on water
3.3 Respond to climate and global changes in an urbanising world

3 conditions for success

CS1 Good governance
CS2 Financing water for all
CS3 Enabling environments

The programme includes highlevel roundtables, a ministerial conference, a local and regional authority conference, a Parliamentarian conference, grassroots and citizenship events, all leading to commitments
and declarations at the end of the week.

Several Prizes will be awarded at the Forum:

  • The King Hassan II Great World Water Prize rewards a long-term project or career
  • The Kyoto World Water Grand Prize is awarded to a person or organisation that has carried out grassroots actions to respond to the water needs of communities in critical situations
  • The ‘Compromiso Mexico’ Water Prize
  • The RIEC-International “Water & Film” Event

A dedicated web site  -the International Platform of Solutions, www.solutionsforwater.org – has been set up to collect  existing or innovative solutions to help address the global water challenges.

Web site: www.worldwaterforum6.org


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