Liquid Dynamics II: STEPS Centre Water and Sanitation Symposium, Brighton, UK, 22-23 March 2011

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Theme: Some for All? Pathways and Politics in Water and Sanitation since New Delhi, 1990

Organised by: STEPS Centre

In 1990 the UN General Assembly endorsed the ‘New Delhi Statement’ entitled ‘Some for all rather than more for some.’ This symposium looks back at the New Delhi Statement. It seeks to understand more fully the pathways that have – or could have – emerged and the political economy and politics of water and sanitation policy processes in the intervening 21 years. Keynote and plenary speakers will include: Gourishankar Ghosh, Jon Lane, Erik Swyngedouw and James Winpenny.

Presentations are invited that address key questions including the following, especially those with a national or regional perspective:

  • What aspects, if any, of the New Delhi Statement can be built upon to help in addressing current challenges?
  • Are the Delhi / Dublin principles adequate to respond to current challenges? If not, what could alternatives look like?
  • Did these key ideas get adopted in national contexts and what politics and issues concerning wider political economy drove the processes?
  • Is the current global architecture leading us to new and more sustainable futures in providing water and sanitation? How appropriate are global solutions to national, regional and local contexts?
  • Can better water and sanitation services for the poor be made sustainable in line with wider strategies on poverty reduction and address the cross domain concerns of agriculture and health in a rapidly changing climate?
  • Is the new reality ‘more for most’ rather than ‘some for all’?
  • How can different aspects related to access to water supply e.g. quality, affordability, sustainability and equity be balanced to achieve greater overall social justice?

Abstract and registration deadline: 14 February 2011

Go to call for papers for more information


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